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History of Ultrasound in the Philippines
by Dr. Dorita Paylago Evangelista, MD, MHA, FPCR, FUSP, FPCHA

Ultrasound was first introduced into the country in 1973, when the Makati Medical Center acquired a Picker ultrasound machine. It was mainly for diagnosis. It was handled by Dr. Crisanto Vito Cruz, who had the only training in ultrasound. In the latter part of October 1973, Dr. Carlos J. Marquez, Chairman of the Department of Radiology, after undergone training in the Marien Krakenhaus, Hamburg, West Germany, became the ultrasonologist of the Makati Medical Center until 1975, when he authorized Dr. Vicente V. Romano, Jr. to operate the ultrasound machine. Read Full Article >>

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Ultrasound Guided Procedures and hands-On Workshop: Basics and Innovations
Date Posted: 5/13/2017

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USP Membership Methodology
Date Posted: 5/13/2017

In line with the goal of the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines (USP) to expand its membership, Board Resolution No. 2 and 3 was crafted, duly signed by the Board of Trustees and adopted for implementation.


  1. Accomplish the Application/Member Information Sheet (downloadable at the USP website), and attach your recent 2 x 2-inch photo.
  2. Include the following requirements to your application:
    1. for Special Fellow of a Sub-specialty or Interest Group
      • valid/updated PRC ID;
      • clear copy of FPCR certificate and certificate good standing;
      • certificate of sub-specialty training;
      • A radiologist with distinctive training, utilizes Diagnostic Ultrasound in his/her practice, passed the Specialty Board in their respective field, if any, or had been practicing solely its field of specialization for at least five years before June 30,2017.

    2. for Associate Member
      • valid/updated PRC ID;
      • clear copy of FPCR certificate and certificate good standing;
      • has been practicing ultrasound for at least ten (10) years (before January 01, 2012) within the Philippines. He must be endorsed by at least two (2) USP Fellows of good standing, practicing in the area or institution therein.
      • A Fellow of the PCR, practicing for at least 5 years before January 01, 2007, who has been trained in USP Accredited Training Institution for at least six (6) months. He/she must secure a certificate of training in the said institution and must be endorsed by at least two (2) USP fellows of good standing in the Society

    3. for Affiliate Member (Radiologic Technologist)
      • valid/updated PRC ID;
      • clear copy of school diploma;
      • A technologist who have worked at least 2 years in a Diagnostic Ultrasound facility as a sonographer. He/she must secure a Letter of Recommendation from the Department Head of the said institution and attested by two (2) USP Fellows in good standing.

  3. Pay/deposit application fee to BPI Account # 0120-1244-04 or Union Bank Account # 00-070-001573-5, photocopy deposit slip and attach to the other application requirements. P 1000 for Special Fellow and Associate Member P 500 for Affiliate Member
  4. Submit above-listed requirements to PCR-USP secretariat on or before June 15, 2016. Incomplete requirements shall not be processed.
  5. When the application is approved by the USP Board, you will be notified by the USP Secretariat on or before June 20.
  6. Approved applicants are required to attend the upcoming June 2017 USP Workshop and Induction Ceremony.

Workshop Fee
Special Fellow/Associate Member:
P6,000-on site

Affiliate Member:
P 4,000- pre-registration
P 4,500- on site

Induction fees
P 3,000 for Special Fellow and Associate Member
P 2,000 for Affiliate Member

Oath-taking during the Induction Night is a pre-requisite to being awarded the USP Membership.
For further inquiries, you may call:
USP landline (02)374-3299
USP Cellphone 0977-7459991 (Ruth)
PCR landline (02)373-8462

2017 Ultrasound Subspecialty Examination
Date Posted: 3/28/2017

The Board of Examiners of the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines wishes to announce the schedule for the 2017 Ultrasound Subspecialty Examination.

  • Written Exam: August 19, 2017 Saturday starts at 7 am
  • Practical Exam: August 20, 2017 Sunday starts at 7 am
  • Venue: Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Application Period: June 12 (Monday) to July 12 (Wednesday), 2017

Requirements for Applicants

  1. The Examinee should be a Fellow of the Philippine College of Radiology.
  2. The Examinee should have undergone or currently undergoing a 6-month Ultrasound Fellowship in a PCR Accredited Training Hospital.
  3. The Examinee should submit a completely accomplished 2017 Application Form for Examination which could be obtained from the PCR Secretariat or downloaded from the PCR or Residency Training Council website. The Chairman and Training Officer of the institution where the applicant is undergoing training should sign the Application Form.
  4. Please attach/submit the following together with the Application Form:
    1. Seven (7) pieces of 2x2 ID pictures with name typed/written at the bottom of the photograph when it was taken - avoid mismatch of names and pictures

      - 1 picture stapled on the Application Form will be submitted for the souvenir program of the Induction Night, if the Applicant passes the written and oral exams

      - 6 pictures stapled to the Application Form will be used for the exam ID card and oral exam if the applicant passes the written exam (may be returned if applicant does not pass the written exam)

    2. Photocopy of the Philippine Board of Radiology certificate
    3. Photocopy of the certificate of Philippine College of Radiology Fellowship
    4. Photocopy of the Certificate of Ultrasound Fellowship from a PCR Accredited Training Hospital with inclusive dates of training; if not yet available, then a Certificate from the Department of Radiology of the Accredited Training Hospital stating that the Examinee has finished the Ultrasound Fellowship program or will be finished by AUGUST 2017
    5. Endorsement signatures of both the Chairman and the Training Officer
    6. Certificate of Accreditation of the Training Institution
  5. Application fee of 5,500 pesos. Payments may be made directly to the PCR office in Cash or Check issued to: Ultrasound Society of the Philippines Inc.
  6. Provincial applicants must submit their application forms including the requirements and fees through courier. Payments should be made through Manager’s or Personal check.
  7. If an examinee will request for a refund, a letter of Intent of Withdrawal of Application should be submitted to the Philippine Board of Ultrasound addressed to the Chairman Dr. Sarah Victoria L. Zampaga.

    Schedule of refund is as follows:
    Before July 19, 2017 - full refund
    July 19 to August 5,2017 - 50% refund
    August 6, 2017 onwards - non-refundable

  8. Examinees who qualified to take the exam will be announced through the PCR or USP websites. Official Receipts for application fees may be obtained at the PCR office or will be given on the day of the Written Examination.


    Dr. Sarah Zampaga – Gastrointestinal Imaging and Physics Dr. Reza Koa Sales – Genitourinary Imaging Dr. Marcelino Mendoza – Pediatric Imaging Dr. Maria Theresa Bisquera- Obstetrics and Gynecology Imaging Dr. Rene Bautista - Small Parts and Color Doppler Imaging


The Examiners recommend the following books to be used for the USP examination but highly encourage examinees to read other materials that will complement this list.

    • Pediatric Sonography by Marilyn Siegel (4th edition)
    • Diagnostic Ultrasound by Carol Rumack (4th edition)
    • Diagnostic Ultrasound by Carol Rumack (4th edition)
    • ACR BI-RADS ATLAS Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System 2013
    • (Ultrasound Lexicon)
    • OBSTETRICS - Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology By Peter Callen (5th edition)
    • GYNECOLOGY - Diagnostic Ultrasound by Carol Rumack (4th edition)
    • Diagnostic Ultrasound by Carol Rumack (4th edition)
    • Diagnostic Imaging ULTRASOUND, Ahuja (2007)

Vascular Hands-on Workshop
Date Posted: 12/30/2016

The Ultrasound Society of the Philippines ( USP) in collaboration with The Medical City is inviting Radiology Consultants, Fellows and Residents in its upcoming Vascular Hands-on Workshop. Enjoy and learn with the camaraderie of friends and colleagues in the cool breeze of City of Pines. Save the date, Jan. 28-29 at Crown Legacy Hotel, Baguio City. Please register now...

Thank you very much.


The Ultrasound Society of the Philippines is now accepting nominations for the Board of Directors for CY 2016-2017.
Date Posted: 9/19/2016

The Ultrasound Society of the Philippines is now accepting nominations for the Board of Directors for CY 2016-2017. Deadline for nominations is on September 25, 2016. All interested fellows of the USP with at least 5 years being a member of the society in good standing are eligible for nominations. Attached herewith is the conforme for the nomination. Please email the form or send it to the USP secretariat if interested.

Thank you very much.

Julio T. Dumo Jr, MD,FPCR
USP Comelec, Immediate past president

Date Posted: 8/16/2016

The PHILIPPINE BOARD OF ULTRASOUND (PBU) is pleased to announce the RESULTS of the recent Philippine Board of Ultrasound Examination held at the Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City on August 14, 2016.

Congratulations to the following board passers:
Cercado, Wilhermina Anne C.  St. Luke's Medical Center-QC
Corto, Jennifer P. De La Salle University Medical Center
Cruz, Carmina Maria P. The Medical City
Fuentes, Riavic Q. Ospital ng Makati
Go, Eden R. Quirino Memorial Medical Center
Jorge, Carie Anne B. Cardinal Santos Medical Center
Lopez, Romulus James B. Rizal Medical Center
Olaño-Reyes, Jean Mabelle O. The Medical City
Paraan, Maria Emilia V. UP-Philippine General Hospital
Saba, May-anne G. UP-Philippine General Hospital
Somera, Janette P. National Kidney and Transplant Institute
Tiangco, Laurence Ronald M. The Medical City
Villapando, Paolo V. Makati Medical Center
Villegas, Margiecel Ruth S. UP-Philippine General Hospital

The following applicants have qualified to take the Philippine Board of Ultrasound written examination on August 14, 2016:
Date Posted: 7/27/2016

  1. Aguillo, Maria Cecilia M.
  2. Cercado, Wilhermina Anne C.
  3. Corto, Jennifer P.
  4. Cruz, Carmina Maria P.
  5. Fuentes, Riavic Q.
  6. Go, Eden R.
  7. Jorge, Carie Anne B.
  8. Lopez, Romulus James B.
  9. Olaño-Reyes, Jean Mabelle O.
  10. Paraan, Maria Emilia V.
  11. Saba, May-anne G.
  12. Somera, Janette P.
  13. Tiangco, Laurence Ronald M.
  14. Villapando, Paolo V.
  15. Villegas, Margiecel Ruth S.

Exam Details 

  1. Dates
    1. Written examination – August 14, 2016; starts at 7:00 am
    2. Practical examination – August 14, 2016; starts at 1:30 pm
  2. Venue – Valdez Hall, Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center
  3. Things to bring:
    1. Black ball pen; no erasers needed
    2. Jacket or sweater
    3. If you have prescription medications that you regularly take (e.g.
  4. Breakfast, snacks, and lunch will be served for diabetes or hypertension)
  5. Please inform PCR secretariat or Dr. Romelito Jose Galsim thru cel no. 09209081834 if you have any dietary restrictions
  6. Kindly minimize bringing electronic gadgets to the exam venue. Examinees will not be allowed direct access to these electronic gadgets during the entire examination period. The Philippine Board of Ultrasound will not be responsible for any loss of these electronic gadgets.
  7. In case of storms or natural calamities during the exam date, the examinees may contact the PCR secretariat, Dr. Romelito Jose Galsim (09209081834) or Dr. Reza Koa Sales (09178851135) to confirm if the exam will push through.


The Examiners recommend the following books to be used for the USP examination but highly encourage examinees to read other materials that will complement this list.

  1. General - Diagnostic Ultrasound by Carol Rumack (4th edition)
  2. Specific
    1. Pediatric Sonography - Marilyn Siegel(4th edition)
    2. Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology – Peter W. Callen (5th Edition)
    3. Diagnostic Imaging ULTRASOUND, Ahuja (2007) – Small parts and Vascula
    4. Diagnostic Imaging BREAST, Berg, Birdwell (2006) – Breast Imaging


MSK Workshop
August 1, 2015

Date Posted: October 15, 2015

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The first out-of-town Musculoskeletal Hands-On ultrasound workshop for the year 2015 was held on August 1, 2015 in Mansion Garden Hotel, located in Subic, Olongapo City. The said event was well attended by Radiology Consultants and trainees.

RTD with the Philippine Thyroid Association
June 6, 2015

Date Posted: August 24, 2015

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The Philippine Thyroid Association, Inc., an affiliate of the Philippine Medical Association and is composed of clinicians practicing thyroid disorders ( this includes head and neck surgeons, ENT, nuclear medicine, endocrinologists, diabetologists), under the present leadership of Dr. Ruben V. Ogbac, PTA President, has requested for a round table discussion/open forum with the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines, as regards to the standardization of Thyroid ultrasound reports/interpretation. USP has graciously accepted the invitation. The said event was held on June 6, 2015 at the Lung Center of the Philippines. The master of ceremony was led by Dr. Alfredo F. Villarosa. Introduction was made by Dr. Julio T. Dumo, Jr, USP President. Questions have been raised and discussions were made with the help of resource speakers Drs. Lino Santiago S. Pabillo and Virgilio Jose A. Evangelista. Atleast 20 of PTA members from different specialties attended the rare occasion. Atleast 10 from the USP group also attended. A Consensus was made out of the round table discussion/open forum, and both sides agreed, on what would be the important contents in an ultrasound report should be, to help the clinicians in their management plan for the patient. The final report/ update/outcome will be announced in future events. Keep posted, guys!.

Ultrasound Society of the Philippines