Date Posted: 7/27/2015

The following applicants have successfully completed their requirements and are eligible to take the USP Board Exams on August 15, 2015:

  1. CABALLERO, Marc Jensen I.
  2. CADAG-TEMPONGKO, Eleonor Ruth A.
  3. CAYOS, Juayma Ruth C
  4. CHIONGLO, Phillipe Ray S.M.
  5. ESPINO, Gervin Brian D.
  6. ESTRELLA, Celia Joy Z.
  7. LAGMAN, Joseph Dominic N.
  8. MESINA, Michael Rico B.
  9. QUING, Federick Benjamin L.
  10. SANCHEZ, Maria Theresa T.
  11. TAN, Ryan Irvin S.
  12. TEODORO, Juan Paolo V.
  13. VARGAS, Mary Grace B.

The following applicants have incomplete requirements which should be submitted not later than August 4, 2015 at the PCR Secretariat office:

  1. CRUZ, Abigail Vicenta S.
  2. GARCIA, Anatole D.J.
  3. STA. MARIA, Liezyl S.

Schedule of Exam: August 15, 2015 7 AM
Venue: Valdez Hall Veteran's Memorial Medical Center

Sequence of Written Exam:

  1. Physics & Gastrointestinal
  2. Obstetrics & Gynecology
  3. Genitourinary
  4. Pediatrics
  5. Vascular and Small Parts

2015 Ultrasound Subspecialty Examination 
Date Posted: 3/20/2015

 Written Exam: August 15, 2015 Saturday starts at 7 am
 Practical Exam: August 16, 2015 Sunday starts at 7 am
 Venue: Valdez Hall, Veteran's Memorial Hospital, North Avenue, QC
 Application Period: June 15 (Monday) to July 15 (Wednesday), 2015

 Requirements for Applicants:

  1. The Examinee should be a Fellow of the Philippine College of Radiology.
  2. The Examinee should have undergone or currently undergoing a 6-month Ultrasound Fellowship in a PCR Accredited Training Hospital.
  3. The Examinee should submit a completely accomplished Application Form which could be obtained from the PCR Secretariat or downloaded from the PCR or Residency Training Council website. The Chairman and Training Officer of the institution where the applicant is undergoing training should sign the Application Form.
  4. Please attach/submit the following together with the Application form:
    a) Seven (7) pieces of 2x2 ID pictures with name typed/written at the bottom of the photograph when it was taken - avoid mismatch of names and pictures
      - 1 picture stapled on the Application form will be submitted for the Souvenir
      program of the Induction Night, if the Applicant passes the written and oral exam
      - 6 pictures stapled to application form will be used for the exam ID card and oral exam if the applicant passes the written exam (may be returned if applicant does not pass the written exam)
    b) Photocopy of the Philippine Board of Radiology certificate
    c) Photocopy of the certificate of Philippine College of Radiology Fellowship
    d) Photocopy of the Certificate of Ultrasound Fellowship from a PCR Accredited Training Hospital with inclusive dates of training; if not yet available, then a Certificate from the Department of Radiology of the Accredited Training Hospital stating that the Examinee has finished the Ultrasound Fellowship program or will be finished by AUGUST 2015 to be signed by both the Chairman and the Training Officer
    e) Certificate of Accreditation of the Training Institution
  5. Application fee of 5,000 pesos. Payments may be made directly to the PCR office in Cash or Check issued to: Ultrasound Society of the Philippines
  6. Provincial applicants must submit their application forms including the requirements and fees through courier. Payments should be made through Manager’s or Personal check.
  7. If an Examinee will request for a Refund, a letter of Intent of Withdrawal of Application should be submitted to the Philippine Board of Ultrasound addressed to the Chairman Dr. Evangeline Villapando.
    If the letter is submitted 1 month prior to the exam or earlier, the entire application fee will be refunded ; if 3 weeks before the exam, only 50% of the fee will be refunded; if submitted 2 weeks prior to the exam or later, no refund of the fee will be given.
    Examinees who qualified to take the exam will be announced through the PCR or USP websites. Official Receipts for application fees may be obtained at the PCR office or will be given on the day of the Written examination.


    Dr. Evangeline Villapando - Gastrointestinal Imaging and Physics
    Dr. Kimberly Ang-Baluyut - Genito-urinary Imaging
    Dr. Romelito Jose Galsim - Pediatrics Imaging
    Dr. Sarah Zampaga - OB-gyne Imaging
    Dr. Marcelino Mendoza - Small Parts and Color Doppler Imaging

LIST OF BOOKS: The Examiners recommend the following books to be used for the USP examination but highly encourage examinees to read other materials that will complement this list.

  1. General - Diagnostic Ultrasound by Carol Rumack (4th edition)
  2. Specific
    1. Pediatric Sonography - Marilyn Siegel(4th edition)
    2. Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology - Peter W. Callen (5th Edition)
    3. Clinical Doppler Ultrasound - Paul Allan, Dubbins (2000)
    4. Breast Imaging - Nilda Cardenosa
    5. Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound, Ahuja (2007) - Small parts and Vascular
>> 2015 Updated Application Form <<

USP inductees with FPCR status

CANDIDATES FOR INDUCTION AS NEW FELLOWS OF THE ULTRASOUND SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES, 2014 (to be inducted on Oct 10, 2014 during the Joint Induction Ceremony)

1. ARAGON, Giovanni Ruben B.
2. BACALSO, Mary Nel B. 
3. CARLOS-DEPAYNOS, Christine C. 
4. DE VENECIA, Roger S. 
5. FARINAS, Karol Pauline M. 
6. GO, Jenkin L. 
7. ISIDRO, Erwin S. 
8. JAVIER, Xanthe Marie G. 
9. JERUSALEM, Sthennette S. 
10. LUMIQUED, Jaime Jr. O. 
11. MILO, Abigail M. 
12. RAZON, Tamara Louise J. 
13. SYTHAY, Margaret P. 

Board of Director is now open for nomination
September 30, 2014


The Ultrasound Society of the Philippines wishes to announce that the position for Board of Director is now open for nomination.

You may submit your nomination by calling PCR secretariat or directly through Dr. Lino Santiago S. Pabillo on or before September 30,2014.

PBU and USP Board of Trustees Announcement
August 20, 2014

Please be informed that we would like to reiterate that for the year 2014, ultrasound trainees who are Diplomates of the Philippine Board of Radiology (DPBR) and Fellows of the Philippine College of Radiology (FPCR), may take the USP board exam. DPBR examinees that pass the USP board exam will only be allowed to take oath once they become an FPCR.

Beginning 2015, only FPCR ultrasound trainees may take the USP board exam. DPBR ultrasound trainees will no longer be allowed to take the USP board exam. This announcement has been disseminated previously prior to the Specialty Board Exam date.

Philippine Board of Ultrasound Passers
August 16, 2014

The following examinees have successfully passed the Philippine Board of Ultrasound examination held at the Veteran's Memorial Medical Center last August 16 and August 17, 2014:

1.  ALCOBER, Jean S.
2.  ANG, Stephanie Mae O.
3.  ARAGON, Giovanni Ruben B.
4.  BACALSO, Mary Nel B.
5.  BALLESCAS, Ella Anne M.
6.  BIEL, Luis Jerry M.
7.  BOQUIREN, Ryan Albert Leonard N.
8.  CARLOS-DEPAYNOS, Christine C.
9.  CRUZ-TUBLE, Maria Regina M.
10.  DE VENECIA, Roger S.
11.  ESTIOKO, Abigail A.
12.  FARINAS, Karol Pauline M.
13.  FERNANDEZ, Jerome R.
14.  GO, Jenkin L.
15.  GUERRA, Ann Zenliah N.
16.  ISIDRO, Erwin S.
17.  JAVIER, Marco M.
18.  JAVIER, Xanthe Marie G.
19.  JERUSALEM, Sthennette S.
20.  LAZO, Marirose Z.
21.  LEDA-PANALIGAN, May Connie Joy C.
22.  LO, Justina J.
23.  LUMIQUED, Jaime Jr. O.
24.  MADRAZO, Mitzi Ann L.
25.  MAGBANUA, Mary Antonette B.
26.  MILO, Abigail M.
27.  NER, Mark H.
28.  RAZON, Tamara Louise J.
29.  REDOR, Maynard Y.
30.  SANTOS, Francis Zuriel C.
31.  SANTOS, Katherine Rose C.
32.  SERRANO, Junjoy B.
33.  SYTHAY, Margaret P.
34.  TIPLES, Charity Marianne S.
35.  UY, Marjorie C.
36.  VALDERRAMA, Derly P.


2014 PBU List Of Accepted Applicants
August 16, 2014

The following applicants have qualified to take the Philippine Board of Ultrasound written examination on August 16, 2014.

  Download List of Qualified Applicants

2014 Ultrasound Subspecialty Examination
August 16-17, 2014

The Board of Examiners of the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines wishes to announce the schedule for the 2014 Ultrasound Subspecialty Examination.

Written Exam:August 16,2014 Saturday starts at 7 am
Practical Exam:August 17,2014 Sunday starts at 7am
Venue:Valdez Hall, Veteran's Memorial Hospital, North Avenue, Quezon City
Application Period:June 2 (Monday) to July 23 (Wednesday),2014

  1. Geraldine Villanueva-Gan, MD
  2. Romelito Jose Galsim, MD
  3. Maria Victoria Patrimonio, MD
  4. Evangeline Villapando, MD
  5. Kimberly Ang-Baluyut, MD
  Requirements and Application Form

Ultrasound Society of the Philippines